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What to Shred in DC

Washington Document Shredding will find you a completely self-contained, high-speed, mobile shredding service that will come straight to your curbside. Your sensitive records are quickly and effectively destroyed without slowing down your normal business operations.

We provide a less expensive alternative to buying equipment, space, and personnel and work hard to make this an easy, worry-free process for your DC business. Why take a chance? Shred it. You’ll get a Certificate of Destruction for every visit.

We provide free, lockable bins

All business have records that contain private information, whether it be your employee’s or your customer’s. You are responsible for ensuring the proper destruction of these materials, and Washington Document Shredding can help. Here is a list of some documents that require proper disposal:

Employee-related Records:

  • Payroll Documents
  • Outdated Medical Records
  • Any Document Containing Employee Addresses or Personal Info
  • Personnel Issues (Disciplinary Reports, Performance Appraisals)
  • Training Manuals

Accounting Records:

  • Unused Checks
  • Internal Accounting Reports
  • Budgets
  • Bank Statements
  • A/R and A/P Printouts
  • Customer Lists
  • Credit Card Statements and Receipts

Operations Information:

  • Corporate Records
  • Proprietary Data
  • Purchase Orders
  • Procurement Requests
  • Supplier Lists

Legal Records:

  • Expired Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Insurance Agency Records
  • Legal Correspondence

Sales/Marketing Records:

  • Customer Lists
  • Drafts of Sales Strategies
  • Prospect Lists

While this is a good place to start, there are many more documents that require safe and secure destruction, some of them in your own office.

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